Passports & Head Shots


We can take the photos for your Passport and visa requirement, we are not restricted to just the UK size requirement, we have successfully taken and printed photos for Indian Travel Visas, US passport applications, Canadian passport applications, Brazilian passports as well as UK passport applications. We offer a unique guarantee if the relevant authority does not accept the photo we will take the replacement photos without any further charge. We would require a letter from the authority concerned explaining the rejection though. All passport and visa photpographs are taken against a grey background.


Head shots are the best way to get your image to a prospective employer, face book, linked in or on your employers staff notice board, we will produce the head shots against a neutral or corporate background that will not detract from your facial image. Being that the background used is small, we can come to your home or office and produce these for you, it is a true while you wait service. Images can be sent via email or placed onto a USB memory stick, or if you prefer we can also burn them onto a CD for you. We also keep copies of all the images, just in case you lose them or need additional copies in the future. We can also come back to your home or office each year and take new photos if you wish. Headshots can be taken against many backgrounds, although we suggest that it is either part of your corporate colours or a black / Blue background.

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