Aerial Photography


This is not just getting in a helicopter and taking photos, we can take an elevated photograph (or set of photographs) from a 17 metre mast that is firmly fixed onto the ground. Whether this is for an Estate agent selling properties, to a home owner wanting a high view of their land and house, to planning permission requests, in fact anything that can help you or your business to show off where you are.

our elevated mast

Feel free to call us to discuss your thoughts and what we can provide for you.

Below is just one reference from a very satisfied client:

Hi Ian

Thank you very much for the disc with the images on.

They are great!  I will be putting them to good use shortly on our website.  They really show off Leadstone Camping very well.

I had been thinking about getting a drone in but your tall pole has done the job perfectly and without any risk!

Thanks again.

We are regularly being used by local estate agents to get the images of properties that cannot be taken in any other safe way without inconvenience to the land owner or the public.



We have also been involved in aerial photography (helicopter based). This work takes a lot of preparation and costs can be very high. 

Please feel free to call us to discuss your ideas.

Aerial view of Dawlish Warren, Devon
aerial view over Dawlish, DevonAerial View of Dawlish Sea Wall (2009)
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